Bringing ‘life’ back into life insurance

Bringing ‘life’ back into life insurance

The power of three

Each reviti relationship has you, your loved ones, and reviti.

Our mission is to benefit not only the loved ones of our customers tomorrow, but also our customers today.

We call this relationship ‘the power of three’. It’s a powerful idea that makes us who we are.

Insurance. Tech. Wellbeing.

We bring together people who share our mission to help everyone make better lifestyle choices and to reward them when they do.

Your policy is brought to you by Scottish Friendly, one of the largest mutual life offices in the UK, with more than 155 years of experience and over 500,000 members.


We’re part of Philip Morris International, who are working towards a smoke-free world.


Founded by doctors and powered by behavioural economics, data science and AI, Sidekick is the brain behind the reviti life app

What gets reviti out of bed in the morning?

We’re flipping the traditional insurance model, offering great value cover from the outset, encouraging customers to make positive changes, and rewarding them when they do.
Dan Pender CEO
My aim is to make sure we meet the highest standards in handling customer data and treating customers fairly, so they can focus on making informed and confident decisions that are right for them.
Andy Palfrey Director of Risk and Compliance

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