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Life Insurance for vapers and e-cigarette users

Exclusive vapers and e-cigarette users can get cheaper Life Insurance with Reviti.

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How others do it

With most other insurers, vapers or e-cigarette users and smokers pay the same for their Life Insurance

Most insurers consider vaping and e-cigarettes to be the same as smoking. Reviti recognises the difference!

We treat smokers, switchers and quitters like the real people they are, and that’s reflected in our prices

We’re different! We don’t charge the same monthly payments for smokers and exclusive vapers / e-cigarette users. Choose Reviti to get great prices.

Why Reviti Life Insurance

Amount a smoker pays

Amount a vaper or e-cigarette user pays with other insurers

Amount a vaper or e-cigarette* user pays with Reviti

Rewarding a better you

REassess your choices and be paying less for Life Insurance

Obviously, quitting tobacco and nicotine altogether is the best choice a smoker can make. We recognise that alternatives to smoking are a potentially less harmful option to cigarettes, and you’ll see the difference in your monthly payments.

Reviti Rewards a better lifestyle

Live Better. Get Payback.

Quitting tobacco and nicotine altogether is tough; we get that, but Reviti is here to help.

We’ll give you a Reviti Payback equivalent to 12 months’ payments if you quit tobacco, nicotine and vaping altogether for 12 months or more*, as well as seek to reduce your monthly payments in line with your new status.

* You must have paid 12 months’ payments on time. Terms and Conditions apply

More about Reviti Payback

12 Months Payback
You quit. We give back.

How to get 12 months’ of Life Insurance payments back

As a policyholder, quit tobacco, nicotine and vaping altogether for 12 months or more and get a Reviti Payback.*

More about Reviti Payback


Inform us you have quit tobacco, nicotine and vaping altogether


Sustain a tobacco, nicotine and vape free lifestyle for 12 months or more


Reviti gives you 12 months’ worth of Life Insurance payments back*

* You must have paid 12 months’ payments on time. Terms and Conditions apply

Simple Life Insurance

Quitting is tough, we get that, but make that choice and get rewarded by Reviti

Relax you’ll be covered in minutes, with policies from only £5 per month.

Protect your loved ones with our Life Insurance to suit you. Zero paperwork, no medical exams, just fast cover for you and your family.

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Peace of mind along the way

What you get with Reviti

Protection for what really matters to you

Our Life Insurance provides a lump sum to your loved ones if you die.

Learn about Life Insurance

Early payout for terminal illness

We'll be there when you need us, offering an early payout claim should you develop a terminal illness.

Learn about terminal illness cover
Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

I’m an e-cigarette user/ Vaper. Will this affect the cost of my Life Insurance?

Unlike most other Life Insurance providers, at Reviti we do things differently with our pricing and distinguish between exclusive e-cigarette and vape users on the one hand and smokers on the other. As a Reviti customer, you will pay less than a smoker of the same age if, in the past 12 months or more, you have either only used e-cigarettes, or have used e-cigarettes only in combination with the IQOS tobacco heating system. If you are a policyholder who quits tobacco, nicotine and vaping altogether for 12 months or more, we offer the Reviti Payback, which is 12 months of your payments back, once your policy has been in force for 12 months and you have made all your monthly payments on time. This is just to say ‘Well done!’ from Reviti. Please see the full terms and conditions for Reviti Payback. We'll also seek to reduce your monthly payments in line with your new ex-smoker status.

What e-cigarettes/vapes qualify for a lower premium?

If you use an e-cigarette/vape product that you purchased in the UK/EU since 2016 it is likely to meet the safety and quality requirements which were introduced for e-cigarettes by the Tobacco Product Directive (2014/40/EU). Users of these products will qualify for a lower premium than smokers (up to 15%).

If you are not sure whether your e-cigarette complies with this directive please check with the manufacturer or click on the link of submitted products.

How is my premium calculated?

This is based on several factors, including your age, occupation, your chosen sum insured, health and lifestyle. Decisions and prices are based on lots of data that help to assess your risk based on the information you provide.

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