Coronavirus and life insurance

As the world deals with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it's likely there will be a lot of concern at the thought of being under insured, or simply not being covered should the virus strike. In such times of uncertainty, we hope to provide clarity to reviti customers in relation to COVID-19 and your protection.

Life protection and viruses

Firstly worth asking if or how life insurance protection can be affected by a virus outbreak such as COVID-19.

The purpose of life insurance is to protect your loved ones from falling into financial hardship should you pass away, for example, with debt left behind to pay. That’s fairly self-explanatory (although if you’d like more information, take a look at this article).

When a viral pandemic (ie COVID-19) strikes, it can lead people to re-evaluate the decisions they may have made to ensure that their loved ones are protected if they are no longer around.

So, whilst viruses are not as common as a cold, they are not unheard of in health (take the flu for example).  However, just as with other potentially terminal illnesses, diseases or accidents, a lack of life insurance cover can have serious financial consequences for loved ones left behind. We can never fully prepare them for the emotional grief of a death, but we can take steps to safeguard them from the financial challenges of inheriting debt and for providing financially for their future.

Unlike the flu, the anticipated death rate associated with COVID-19 is higher so the guidance and advice being issued and regularly updated by Public Health England should be noted by all.


Will my reviti Term Life insurance cover me if I die from contracting COVID-19?

COVID-19 will not affect your existing reviti Term Life insurance cover if all of the following apply:

  • You took out the cover before contracting the virus
  • You have an active policy in force
  • You are up to date with your regular payments
  • The answers to all the questions when you applied were true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

If you have a policy with us and have a question about the impact of the Coronavirus on your policy, or you are experiencing financial difficulties due to Coronavirus, then please contact our insurance provider, Scottish Friendly, on (UK) 0333 323 5433.


I don’t have life insurance. Can I still take out reviti Term Life insurance cover now?

Possibly the most important question for those who don’t currently hold a life insurance policy.

Yes of course you can still take out cover. When you apply for life insurance you will be asked questions, including on your health. You MUST be truthful throughout the application as dishonesty at this stage may affect any future claims.

So, if you have completed an application, and are offered a price, we will be able to provide you with life cover. Check out your policy terms and conditions for more details.

Probably worth bearing in mind that as the virus progresses, there may be additional questions added to the application form that could then influence the ability to take out life insurance cover if you have had recent travel to countries that have been flagged as higher risk.


What can I do to protect myself from COVID-19?

Because the symptoms can show in various ways, it is vital that you take proactive steps to avoid contact with others if you feel even slightly unwell.

Guidance on the how to deal with this and other situations is being regularly updated on the Public Health England website.


Final Point

Whilst the situation is changing daily we all need to stay safe, and stick to the facts to avoid unnecessary panic.

For all current information, keep an eye on the Public Health England website.

Remember, making some key positive changes will help to strengthen your body should it be required to fight the virus.

  • Stop smoking
  • Ease off the drinking
  • Remember, the fitter and the healthier you are, the better equipped your body is to deal with a virus

reviti will be here to continue to support our customers (both present and future) through these challenging times.